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company news about The Development and Prospect of Connector Industry in China

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Company News
The Development and Prospect of Connector Industry in China
Latest company news about The Development and Prospect of Connector Industry in China

Recently, the production center of the global connector has been transferred to the mainland of China. The overall level of China's connector manufacturing has been improved rapidly, and the size of the connector market is expanded year by year, thus also becoming the world's largest consumer area. The data show that the sales revenue of China's connector industry has increased year by year in 2010-2017. In 2017, the sales revenue of the connector industry has reached 2483.91 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 8.32%; according to the prospective industry research institute, the sales revenue of the connector industry in 2018 is estimated to be about 2602.99 billion yuan. In 2010-2018, the sales revenue and growth of the Chinese connector manufacturing industry (in billion yuan,%) of the connector industry continued to grow with the popularization of the 4g network, the rise of the 5g network and the development of the consumer electronics industry, the demand of the network products in the communication field, and promoted the R & D and production of the connector products. As an indispensable electronic component in the electronic equipment, the connector functions as a bridge that blocks or encourages communication among different circuits in the circuit, and is widely used in the fields of consumer electronics, automobile, data communication, industrial, medical, aerospace and military. At present, the connector is mainly used in the fields of automobile, communication, aerospace, military equipment, computer, industry, household appliance and the like. In which, the ratio of automobile connectors is the largest, accounting for about 23% of the global connector market; the communication field is closely followed by 21%; the consumption electron and the industrial field account for more than 10%. With the development of the industry, the computer communication industry, the consumer electronics industry and other connector applications, the market capacity of the connector industry will continue to be expanded. For example, the electronic signal transmission adapter can be widely used in the fields of intelligent mobile communication, audio-visual equipment, pc, intelligent wearable equipment and various electronic terminal products, and the connector industry can keep the rapid development under the driving of the high demand of the terminal consumer market. In particular, the appearance of the mobile intelligent terminal is changed, the life and the entertainment mode of people are changed, and the promotion of the electronic signal transmission and adaptation products in the technical and the market is also promoted, and the rapid development of the connector industry is promoted. With the rise of the new growth point, the future development of the connector market is still in the future for a/ v connector market with the expansion of the new generation of mobile communication and a/ v product market share. However, with the demand of multi-function of fashion and single product, a/ v connector needs to be oriented in the direction of light weight, small space, multi-function, long service life and high reliability. The market demand of the mobile phone connector mainly comes from the updating of the mobile phone product, especially in the 5 g commercial trend, the 5g of the mobile phone will usher in a large-scale popularization, thus bringing new growth power to the market of the mobile phone connector. In which the demand of the battery connector, the sim card connector and the fpc connector is expected to rise rapidly. In the automotive connector market, the demand from new energy vehicles will be the main driving force for future development. The data show that in 2017, China's new energy automobile connector market is about 2.78 billion yuan, and the future will be more and more popular with new energy vehicles, and it is expected that the market scale will be more than RMB 81 billion in 2023. The market prospect of the rail transit connector is the same, and the judgment basis is that the country is strongly supporting the construction of rail transit, such as the Development Plan of the 13th Five-Year Plan of the Railway, and by 2020, the national railway operation mileage will reach 150,000 km, of which 30,000 km of high-speed railway. In this background, according to the prospective industrial research institute, the market demand of the rail transit connector in 2018 _ 2020 is about 30.58 billion yuan; in 2020 _ 2023, the market demand of the rail transit connector of our country is about 21.36 billion yuan. As a new material manufacturing enterprise of high-end alloy, the Bowei alloy will continue to be driven by innovation, on the development of the road in the field of new materials, and to promote the development of the manufacturing industry.

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