The difference between NANO SIM card holder and MICRO SIM card holder

With the further upgrade and optimization of THE SIM card seat, more precise MICRO SIM card seat and NANO SIM card seat have been developed. Therefore, many engineering friends need to make a choice. What is the difference between MICRO SIM card seat and NANO SIM card seat?

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Actually overall MICRO SIM gets stuck or NANO SIM gets stuck it on the function and use same SIM holder are the same, just behind your booklet on products, the volume of the original SIM gets stuck, apparently, is not able to accept, there will be a later MICRO SIM gets stuck and NANO SIM booth, booth in the two function is still the same, just the NANO SIM booth appearance size more small thickness thin, in today’s market products if more and more small internal space utilization rate is higher and higher.Saving even 0.1mm is very useful, which is one of the main reasons why SIM is getting smaller.


The volume of the two booths: NANO SIM has a length of 12×8.8mm and a width of 15x12mm. After comparison, the area of MICRO SIM has been reduced by 30%. In terms of thickness, it will be about 0.65mm.

Post time: Nov-23-2020