Recommend these novel type-C expansion equipment, let the mobile phone become full of fun

With the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of people’s living standard, mobile phones with Type-C interface on the market become more abundant.Like the current fire of Huawei series mobile phones, is also the use of type-C interface.Interface its positive and negative plug, fast charging, and support audio and video synchronous transmission and other functions have been well received by netizens.But do you really use all the powerful functions of the type-C interface?Take a look at some novel type-C expansion equipment recommended by the author today to make Huawei mobile phones more interesting and fun!

— ① —

Type-c docking station base

Simple is not simple, is a pertinent overview of this docking station.First, it contains three USB ports, which not only have efficient transmission, but also support keyboard, mouse and other devices.Secondly, its Type-C interface is compatible with multiple models, refreshing the charging experience.In addition, it is equipped with three main control chip, so that multi-function use at the same time remain stable and smooth.In order for The Huawei P40 to give full play to its role, we need to acquire different mobile phone accessories.Green line mobile phone smart expansion base, built-in three main control chip, so that each different function has its own chip, so that we in the process of using more smooth.The outer shell is made of durable ABS, with metal baking varnish added to enhance the quality.Used scaffolding structure, can be firmly placed mobile phone, size after taking hold, will not occupy too much space, can be called everywhere exquisite.

— ② —

Mobile phone 4K HD projection wiring

The screen of Huawei P40 mobile phone can be connected to the display screen anytime and anywhere through this data cable. You can use it to play games, which will give you excellent game experience and you can also use it to watch TV. The big screen will give you a better visual feast.Only a 1.5-metre-long cable is needed, and there is no need to download and install drivers or other applications.Connect the computer with the green type-C to the HDMI projection cable.The mobile phone can be directly turned into a mouse and keyboard, and the picture of the mobile phone can be easily projected onto the TV monitor, which makes mobile office more convenient and brings you great enjoyment with a larger field of vision.

— ③ —

Computer mobile phone universal multifunctional docking station

The development dock has rich connection ports with type-C PD charging port, which can’t lose power while charging.Provide gigabit network port, so that games, office, download can be unimpeded.Set HDMI and VGA dual interface, suitable for different display devices, bring hd screen.Support TF and SD card to read at the same time, easy to work.The fuselage is equipped with LED indicator light to keep track of the working status at any time. Meanwhile, it has multiple anti-skid and durable features.This converter is made of aluminum alloy with an integrated housing and anodic oxidation sand blasting process, which has good heat dissipation effect and more stable transmission.The interface is made of nickel plated material to reduce data loss and improve transmission speed, ensuring smooth picture quality.Tin-plated copper wire core with aluminum foil layer and woven network, effectively shield the external signal interference, to ensure that the data transmission is not lost.

— ④ —

Universal USB-C HDMI converter for computer and mobile phones

Multi-function converters have multiple sockets and can connect multiple devices at the same time without being bothered by a lack of sockets.USB3.0 interface, fast file transfer.HDMI interface is adopted to connect to the large HD screen, two-way charging data transmission is supported to enjoy 4K HD screen, and quick charging is supported to make computers and mobile phones fully charged at all times and play for a long time.PD fast charging is supported, and there is no need to worry about power supply in practical time.The converter is made of aluminum alloy, with excellent thermal conductivity, can effectively improve the heat dissipation performance, so that the equipment is not hot for a long time.The anodic oxidation process and aluminum alloy shell make the converter more durable, which can easily cope with a variety of use environments and meet users’ various use needs.

— ⑤ —

P40 mobile phone/MacBook Pro Air Extension Dock

It is compatible with type-C interface notebooks and current flagship mobile phones, such as Huawei P40 and Samsung S20.Its HDMI port supports 4K high-definition output, making it easy to connect to large-screen TVS, projectors, and monitors, both for office and home use.The docking station is equipped with an extended USB 3.0 port. USB flash disk and mouse can be easily connected to solve the usB-free interface problem of the MACbook.There is also an SD/TF interface to solve the problem of no card slot.The gap between the converter and notebook is controlled at 1mm, and the interface is firmer.




Post time: Nov-18-2020